Another High Street Rebrand

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Well, that's hideous. mIxEd CAsE logos are bad enough, but making the letters all the same height makes me want to poke my eyes out. It looks like the logo for a Live & Kicking segment from 1995.
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Standard Life Aberdeen have changed their name to...



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There's a certain arrogance about firms when they do this, declaring "it's pronounced 'Aberdeen'".

Except it isn't. You might say it is or want it to be, but the letters on the page do not form a word that says that.
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If it was a fashion label, sure. Why not? But not for this.

I think the 'a burden' reading of it is particularly unfortunate for this type of company.
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ballinagrappa wrote: Tue 27 Apr, 2021 01.49 Standard Life Aberdeen have changed their name to...



“Digitally enabled brand”. Erm, great. That totally doesn’t sound like something from 15 years ago.
Thought this was a nice forum, clearly not.
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thegeek wrote: Wed 21 Apr, 2021 21.09 Tesco Mobile have made a few tweaks - they're (finally) using the new Tesco typeface, have gone flat, and have reversed their blobs.



(apparently this happened back in September but I failed to notice it until now)
Kept meaning to post about this - they rolled out the new brand quite aggressively in stores, replacing all signage (including the totems) within a few weeks. Surprising when you consider how long some brand elements linger about in stores (stuff like late 90s font 'every little helps' which I see now and again). Didn't notice the blobs had reversed tho.

They had been using the new font everywhere except the logo for a while, albeit in a weirdly spaced all caps form.
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