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by squawkBOX
Tue 08 Nov, 2005 18.00
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Topic: Which Mobile?
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I just got a Nokia N70 recently. Its really the next step up from the 6630 and 6680 phones. A great Symbian Series 60 phone with lots of different features. I suppose size wise it might not suit everyone due to phones becoming really small now, but for a 3G phone - it is very good. http://www.rp-net...
by squawkBOX
Sat 04 Jun, 2005 18.52
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Topic: Debt...American Style!
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Although economics and finance is an area of study at university for me - I'm going to leave those issues aside at the moment. The US has a massive problem, once such a forward, powerful and intelligent country - it no longer is. Countries like China are going to push ahead and simply are going to a...
by squawkBOX
Wed 25 May, 2005 00.32
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Topic: I have an idea
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Apparently the recorded mail thing doesn't stand up any more. You *could* simply post yourself an empty, unstuck envelope and then pop in whatever you wanted at a later date. Thats not fully true. There is what is called the Postal Acceptance Rule - its a really basic piece of law (can't remember t...
by squawkBOX
Sun 03 Apr, 2005 13.58
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Topic: Your schooling
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I'm going to slightly diverge from the Poll as in Scotland all you have is: 1. Public Schools - Anyone can go here 2. Private Schools - Fee paying school I went to a public school. It wasn't bad, usually at the top of the results table for our area. It was a new PFI school - a newly built building, ...
by squawkBOX
Wed 12 Jan, 2005 17.46
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Topic: Mini Mac
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Just a correction to the £70odd 'extra' that we have to pay. Remember in the US, everything is taxed when it is sold, so that $499 will go up. When the price is converted from US$ to £. Its £263.66 then you have VAT @ 17.5% ontop of that bringing it to £310. So really only a £29 difference and when ...
by squawkBOX
Mon 03 Jan, 2005 15.34
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Topic: Driving Test Waiting Lists
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As was said before, I think where you live matters.

My local test centre had a waiting list of one month when I booked it last year (managed to pass first time) but another one not far from me had waiting times of a week.
by squawkBOX
Thu 19 Aug, 2004 10.09
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Topic: Results Day - AGAIN!!!!!!
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ah results day...

I had my second set of higher results on Aug 10th, for the first time being a little nervous - as I needed them to get into university. Luckly everything was OK and I managed to get more than what they were asking for.
by squawkBOX
Sun 08 Aug, 2004 23.30
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Topic: London buses ARE too hot
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According to London Underground themselves: "True air conditioning poses real, but not insurmountable, difficulties on an underground system, because of the problem of dissipating the heat produced. Tunnels can become dangerously over-heated and the temp...
by squawkBOX
Sun 25 Jul, 2004 23.59
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Topic: A moral dilemma...?
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Although if it was probably a big corporation - I would probably keep the money however since its a person and its your next door neighbour. I would tend to give it back. I think I would look upon it as if you were in their shoes. You wouldn't be happy that someone else has taken your money. You sai...
by squawkBOX
Thu 24 Jun, 2004 20.52
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Topic: Your Ambitions
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Ah the goal in life that I aspire to....

Well mine is slightly different and that is to go into investment banking! The joys! Its an area that I am interested in and actually feel happy doing. All I have to do now is complete university (BA Economics), then try and work my way up.
by squawkBOX
Sun 06 Jun, 2004 21.28
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Topic: VoIP - Your experiences
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Chris wrote: I've seen those IP phones start appearing in banks at my local high street.
If you are a viewer of 24, you will have seen them there as well! Although the majority of the ones on 24 are the ones with the colour screens.

The RRP for the 7960 is around £300! (non-colour screen)