🥳🥂 20 years of Metropol 🎂🎈

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Metropol 24/7 officially launched as a replacement for The Lounge on Friday 15 August 2003

Somehow, it still exists.

Drinks and nibbles in the secret forum at 1pm

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No mean feat, congratulations to all who've made this a worthwhile place to be in that time.
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It was great to finally see inside the secret forum, but I wish it had stayed open a little longer. I guess there's always 2043...
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Never in a million years did I think in 2003 that this place and collection of keyboard warriors would still be here after all these years!

Happy birthday Metropol!
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As part of the birthday celebrations, I noticed Debenhams stores were offering all Metropol members 20 free bonus Nectar points yesterday*.

Hope you managed to pop-in and get your card swiped!


(* Offer ends 23:59 on 15/08/23. Participating stores only. Excludes London Oxford Street.)
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Nick Harvey
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cdd wrote: Tue 15 Aug, 2023 20.48 It was great to finally see inside the secret forum, but I wish it had stayed open a little longer. I guess there's always 2043...
You're wrong cdd.

It's still open for me.
Martin Phillp
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I missed it, unless it's in a skip in Maidstone with the TVS archive?
TVF's London Lite.
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Blast, I missed it. Must remember to set me clooks next time...
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Happy birthday Metropol!
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Gavin Scott
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20 years pass quickly, particularly if you don't sign-in for years at a time.

Even though I do fuck all and haven't ponied up a penny for hosting in two decades, Pete still has the grace to leave my Admin tag up there, in all its ceremonial, toothless glory. I'm like a Hollywood Museum of Wax 'Queen Elizabeth'.

I will try and visit more, but I say that and then I don't.

Ironically the place I feel I could offer some interesting posts now is TV Forum, having finally moved into a career in it.

I suppose I missed my chance to be a noggin.

Hey you know we should arrange a meet up. Perhaps Jaron will come.
Dr Lobster*
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Happy Birthday Metropol.

I absolutely love the purple retro theme, hope it stays.
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