How was Your Christmas Day?

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You'd think that getting older makes Christmas less enjoyable, but I disagree. I still love Christmas as much as I did as a little boy. Okay, so the Telly wasn't very good, and a bout of the 'Vid in my house meant that we didn't have anyone over, but it was a good christmas. How was your Christmas Day, Metropol? What did you get up to?
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I love Christmas too, I'd say though it starts too early these days and that takes the fun and magic out of it

I remember growing up in the 1980s, my mum and dad wouldn't put the Christmas tree up until the weekend school ended (typically around 20th December). This year, there were some people along my road with a massive tree in their living room the last week in November.

Put mine up 17th and took it down yesterday and it didn't feel like it outstayed it's welcome.

on another note, I would say there has been like an 80% reduction in people putting up outside Christmas lights this year, even people who go mad have either not bothered at all, or scaled down their efforts this year, which is a sad as I do enjoy seeing them.

Didn't do too much, watched a lot of 80s and 90s films, played a few video games, not a lot else. Feel very relaxed. Booked a few extra days off so not back to work until tomorrow.
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I find christmas came out of nowhere this year. I think the general panic around energy prices etc just removed everyone's sense of fun.

Like how Boris ruined Christmas for the previous three years...
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I didn't have a Christmas as I spent Christmas week resolving an issue with my downstairs neighbour after I accidentally leaked her bathroom and kitchen in the early hours of Christmas Day.

All resolved now though, but not until Jan 2nd, the last day of the festive period.
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