Why are 3+ papers reporting on this West Mids estate?

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Alan de Robson
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This morning, the Express, the Sun and the Mail are reporting on an alleged sink estate called Blakenall in Walsall.

A quick search on Google News reveals that the estate has been in the Mirror (twice), Yahoo News, Birmingham Live and the Express & Star. They all feature copy about pigeons being torn apart.

I should probably know better as I am knocking on the door of 50 now but why are we being told this about this particular estate?

Normally, it's digital PR promoting some upcoming Channel 4 or 5 poverty porn but I can see no such pointers in any of the articles. Is it a case of journos scouring their competitors looking for stories (something the Mail Online is infamous for, apparently)? Or is this a vested interest?

I can't work out who benefits from the people on this estate being mauled in the national press. I have no idea if the allegations are true but, in my experience and without wishing to sound like Bald and Bankrupt (fantastic creater), sometimes the nicest people live in the areas people tell you to avoid.
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Live near and it's a really terrible place
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Never heard of it. Go to Walsall quite a lot, it's a kind of 'is what it is' kind of place but it has the best (Argos) Clearance Bargains location and until recently had a Sbarro in the Asda right in the centre.
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