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I was recently having a rummage around on Aircheck Downloads when I stumbled across this news jingle from when Radio City 2 swapped frequencies with Radio City Talk.

https://up.metropol247.co.uk/BBI45/City ... 20Swap.mp3

This got me thinking about the voiceovers that are used to introduce the news. Most news jingles that I've heard usually contain the station name and details about the different methods of listening. However, that routine isn't always followed. Another example which came to my head was when Bauer forced Greatest Hits Radio onto us all, when the jingles, and later voiceovers, were changed to push the name to listeners more before the final switch.


With this in mind, I'm wondering what other examples there are out there? It could be promoting some kind of change, or a station that does something different to other stations on a regular basis.
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