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Martin Phillp
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Do any of you use snack subscription services as a way to get them cheaper than in the supermarket?

I subscribe to Graze's snack pot service, which I get four tubs of low calorie snacks for £4 per fortnight which is reasonable good but the postal service in my part of London has got bad again with staffing issues.

I can't fault them though, they've given me discounts and free subs if the product doesn't arrive after 7 days.
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I've been subscribing to Graze since they included fresh fruit in their packs, which is a Very Long Time indeed. Every so often I think about saving a bit of cash by cancelling but then they remind me I'm on a grandfathered rate at £3.89 per box instead of £4.49 so I still haven't done it yet.

Did you know they're owned by Unilever now?
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I must admit I'm surprised Graze has lasted. I used to get these boxes delivered to my desk at work 12 years ago or so, but the initial excitement wore off and I could pick up cheaper snacks when I went out for lunch anyway. Same happened with my colleagues. Always thought their churn rate must be sky high. Don't think I'll return now either given I'm WFH surrounded by tempting snacks all day.

In a vaguely similar vein, at work we looked at various letterbox gifts (like these, not subscriptions) for our customer services staff last Christmas as we used to put on in-person Christmas lunches. In the end, despite some nicely-presented 'mini hampers' being available, all the options were really poor value. We ended up dishing out gift cards instead.
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