Currys PC World Dixons Carphone Warehouse Team Knowhow to become "Currys"

bilky asko
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To those who predicted that everything at Currys PC World would eventually become Knowhow:

It's been a long time coming, especially as PC World and Carphone Warehouse don't exactly seem like contemporary brand names.
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Surprised it took them this long to consolidate into one brand.
all new Phil
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The logo looks terrible.
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all new Phil wrote: Thu 13 May, 2021 20.19 The logo looks terrible.
They use that font all over the place and it’s vile.
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Carphone Warehouse may be anachronistic but it's got a hell of a lot more brand association with mobile phones than Currys does, even if their only physical stores are now inside Currys.
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the Dixons brand is biting the dust entirely: all their travel stores are to close.
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When the Knowhow brand was introduced I said it would make a good umbrella brand as it implies a degree of expertise rather than just a shop where they'll flog you anything without thought.

However I feel that ship sailed a long time ago. Knowhow's probably tainted by dreadful customer service by now.
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Jonwo wrote: Thu 13 May, 2021 19.23 Surprised it took them this long to consolidate into one brand.
I guess the idea for keeping it that way for so long is to give people the impression that a store offers more than tellies and toasters. People might think of PC World as the place to get a new laptop over Currys, so it just adds more value to the destination. Likewise Carphone Warehouse, people who want a new mobile contract probably wouldn’t think of Currys as the destination. Of course they can change that perception with a good marketing campaign.

With regards, to the name Carphone Warehouse not making much sense, I agree but at the same time I don’t really think people process the true meaning of the name, it’s just a name that synonymous with mobile phones.

Presumably in reality Knowhow, will just become Currys Support and Carphone, Currys Mobile.

I did assume Dixons Travel would finally rebrand as Currys Travel with the latest change, it seemed odd to have kept the name for so long after the rest of the customer facing parts of business axed it so long ago.

Presumably the Harrods operation, which seemed to use the Knowhow brand but no other part of the Currys/Dixons branding, will now take the Currys brand for the support services too.
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I bought my first phone in Carphone Warehouse, and always went there for phones because the networks would stick their logos on the phone. And the phones would be locked to the network. Every phone (only 2) I got from Carphone Warehouse was unlocked and logo free.
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Charlie Wells
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wells wrote: Fri 14 May, 2021 14.12 Presumably in reality Knowhow, will just become Currys Support and Carphone, Currys Mobile.
Currys Mobile - Presumably used to order your local Indian takeaway.

...I'll get my coat.
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Martin Phillp
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The only positive is that it tidies up all of the other brands in the group. But as others have mentioned, I wouldn't think of going to Currys to renew my mobile, but the Carphone Warehouse does that, even if the brand does feel like it should return to the 90s.
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