Is TV shite?

Dr Lobster*
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all of us here are brought together by a common interest in tv, and tv presentation.

whilst i still have a passing interest in broadcast tv, technology and so on, it occurred to me following a conversation with a colleague that i haven't actually sat down and watched anything on telly for years.

people talk about various tv series they're currently into... i've never heard of them.

sometimes i look up the synopsis on wikipedia...i'm practically in a coma by the end of the first paragraph.

it's all just the same shite. the same shite we had years ago with better graphics and effects.

i really loved starwars as a kid. grew up with the original trilogy and toys. i can't even be arsed to go and see the new one. i just know it will be just the same crappy plot as the rest (evil guy in black.... wants to take over the galaxy.... the good guys eventually win). it's a bit like walking to the shops without your wallet. the journey might have some scenery, but you come away with nothing.

am i just getting too cynical or do you too feel pretty much everything on tv and cinema is just the same recycled old shite?
bilky asko
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You'll be moving to Wiltshire soon and writing one of these sorts of posts every month on a website designed in HTML 3,2.
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