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Martin Phillp wrote:Someone has posted on the site as 'James Bond' asking for more BBC Two 90s idents.
That'll be Callum Precious.
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Well, nice of them at to acknowledge my existence, but frnakly, unsurprised that they short changed me on the new predictions thread. One prediction right? I think not.

The one they gave me credit for was Pop-Up Radio's closure. The one's they missed that I got right...
I'm actually going to say that unless something unexpectedly catasprophic happens, I forsee no changes in personnel at Radio X, and little real change in any other way either.
No major changes, just as I predicted.
By the end of the year, I predict that at least one of the current DAB stations on the Cornwall multiplex will have disappeared. The current favourite for that, is NJoy Radio, who don't seem to selling a lot of advertising right now. Second favourite is Escape, which is deliberately commercial free, but is in my view only a placeholder for Pirate FM to return to DAB, once Pirate 2's schedule has been appropriately changed to remove the simulcast elements, which is currently most of the schedule.
Half a point on this one. Escape did close on DAB, even though it remains online.
KISS will finally get removed from the Plymouth multiplex.
Yep, no longer does the Plymouth multiplex have a duplicate version of KISS, that's gone. Now only broadcast on the Digital One mux.
LBC will cancel The Morning News with Lisa Aziz.
Was confirmed by the programme's host on Twitter.

I'm not expecting anything to happen, but it would be nice to get the right credit for the predictions.
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I'm not expecting anything to happen
Oh look. ... tions-2017
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jamescridland wrote:
I'm not expecting anything to happen
Oh look. ... tions-2017
Thank you, James. That was a nice surprise. Merry Christmas, and a happy 2017.
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