High Street chain collapse sweepstake

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cwathen wrote: Sat 30 Mar, 2024 10.24
JAS84 wrote: Fri 29 Mar, 2024 23.25 Why would a reopened store need a temporary sign? Wouldn't the old one usually only be taken down when someone else takes over the premises? If this one was a Wilko before and has just been closed since the chain went bust, it shouldn't need a new sign, as the old one should already say Wilko on it.
Can't speak for that particular store, but many units will debrand as part of their closing down process. If that was done 'temporary sign' will be to cover planning permission liabilities, the new one may not be exactly the same as the old.
Well, my local Wilko didn't do that, the sign's still up. You can even still see the checkout desks through the windows with the old Wilkinson logo on them!
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Retail parks often de-brand units following the closure of a unit, presumably it looks better to have an 'empty' unit than a closed one.

Meadowhall used to go to great efforts to completely hide closed store fronts, boxing the whole thing over - although I noticed during covid when they lost a whole wing between Debenhams, House of Fraser and all the Arcadia brands they stopped bothering. Probably would have been a naff effort with so many vacant units.

High street landlords almost always don't care though.
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Not a high street store, but I just noticed that Oregon Scientific seems to have gone out of business. The UK company was struck off in February last year and there are no new products showing up on Amazon.

Bit of a shame that. Had a few of their weather stations and radio controlled clocks over the years. Only noticed because the weather station I’ve had for 15 years finally gave up and the external sensor stopped working and wanted a new one.
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