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Dr Lobster* wrote: Fri 10 Nov, 2023 18.57 Have John Lewis got close to the holy grail of retro Christmas lights? ... p110287383

They aren't as saturated as they look in the phone pics below, they seem to be warm white LEDs inside a colour plastic envelope and they very closely mimic the sets you might have had in the 1980s, but at a fraction of the power consumption and fragility - they certainly have that very pleasing tungsten lamp glow when I tested them. I'll get my proper camera out and see if I can more closely match the colours.



for £22 I am pleased with them... shame there is only 40 lights on a string, seems like you need to buy 2 to cover a 6ft tree.
I'm still very pleased with these from Sainsbury's in 2021. I'd like some more, so I hope they are selling them again this year.
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