Digital Film Aquisition

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Gavin Scott
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A few weeks ago I was gazing out my window and saw a film being shot
It turned out to be a party political broadcast for the SNP (not a very effective one as it turns out - but that's another story).

I had a chat with the director between shots, while he asked my permission to use my windows in shot, and he was telling me they were using the Red One digital 4K camera for the shoot.
He was extolling its virtues as it allowed him to shoot high-speed and playback on the device, allowed them to work around having no lighting (due to a slashed budget), and was coming in around two-thirds cheaper than using a film camera and stock.

But he was still disappointed not to be able to shoot on film. Is that a vanity thing, and is it warranted?

I was under the impression that digital acquisition has reached the point of being the acceptable norm - but not being on that many film sets its difficult to know.

Is it still the poor relation - and has anyone worked with the Red range of digital cinema cameras?
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