Eastenders 'paedophile' plot

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Dr Lobster*
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how much more fucking retarded can people get?

isn't a paedophile somebody who's into pre-pubescent children? surely many (if not all) 15 year old girls would have started puberty, already be menstruating and therefore would be able to carry a child, and so in a biological sense at least be sexually mature? not the sort of thing the average 'paedophile' would be into.

is this world going mad? if he was shagging a baby perhaps i'd understand the concern, but really, doesn't this sort of thing go on all the time these days?

i certainly remember girls in y11 at school having older boyfriends with souped up vauxhall novas all queued up at the gate at 3:45 and nobody seemed to batter an eyelid.
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