Adverts that irritate and entertain

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Urgh: Ads during podcasts read out unconvincingly by the hosts of other podcasts you've never heard of, advertising products you're not interested in. Usually along the lines of:

"Hi, it's Milly and Tilly here from the 'Mummy Drinks Wine' podcast, and we wanted to let you know about a special offer from our sponsor, The Luxury Herbal Tea Subscription Company. We love their new range of energised teas which help us overcome life's daily challenges and ensure we maximise our lives to their full potential, organically.... For 5% off your first order..."

I used to find them funny as they obviously struggle to. read. the. PR-laden. scripts, but now they're just painful.

Thankfully most of the time you can skip them. It's just annoying when they spring up when you're driving or running and can't reach your phone.

Rant over.
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Let's talk about those ads that walk the fine line between irritating and entertaining.
We all have those commercials that make us roll our eyes, but admit it, some are so creatively annoying that they become oddly entertaining. 😅
Which ads get under your skin, and which ones do you secretly find amusing?
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The Tesco I've got the power advert is infuriating. Goes on far too long. Repeats too often. Awful.

It's a shame because I really liked their weird Christmas adverts last year.
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I'm sick of seeing Albert Einstein promoting Smart Meters. Yes, he researched Mass-Energy Equivalence, but he did more than that
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It’s a trail rather than an advert but we have Sky News playing at work, and they still play the sodding new look Breakfast advert practically every time they have an ad break. Drives me insane.
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I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the dreadfully cringeworthy 'bingo' sponsor bumbers around The Chase on ITV1. They're so bad, I flip down a channel to the endless Flog It repeats, just to avoid them. Thankfully I have picture in picture, so I know when to go back.
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