Baffling local news stories

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Unbelievable! A couple of days ago a Banksy art appeared in Wincolmlee, and a snobby councillor wants to destroy it! Strange attitude to have when Hull was City of Culture last year. He's a Tory though, and we're Labour, so it's not his decision.
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I know local papers have faced a tough time against advertising spend going elsewhere, and people not buying hard copies any more, but the reaction from Johnston Press has reached a new level of insanity lately. I rarely read the site, so going on to the Edinburgh Evening News today was a bit of a shock as you now have to disable your ad blocker before you can do anything.

Then the ads load.... here's part of a 'story' about unsafe roof tiles in the city centre. I've highlighted the article as it's a struggle to find it.

There's also now lots of piss-poor lists, like this easy to navigate article:

If you can be bothered to click through to the next page, they don't even name the restaurants - just a few pictures shoved in a template gallery thing. If you scroll down a bit it's all just more panels of Taboola clickbait links, ads and 'funny stories' from other websites.

It's such an horrific user experience, it's a wonder they get any visitors to the site.
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I've disabled JavaScript for their sites, it's the only way to actually see what they're writing amongst the guff.
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I find the Reading Pane option in Firefox the best way to get to the actual news.

Doesn't seem to work in Edge though.
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After 4 years, temporary cones are to be removed. ... lly-going/
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bilky asko wrote: Tue 27 Feb, 2018 21.29 After 4 years, temporary cones are to be removed. ... lly-going/
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Disgruntled KFC diner does best 'outraged with folded arms' picture since the inception of this thread...and thankfully there is an accompanying video. ... 1516648057

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TVF's London Lite.
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My cousin - who didn't need to drive very often - lived in a CPZ but didn't want to pay for a permit, so would leave his car in one of a variety of free spots a mile away. He once went a few weeks between trips and then when it came to finding it again, couldn't remember where it was. I think it went a few months before he located it.
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