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Earl of Pembroke's stepfather found dead in Wilton Estate

THE EARL of Pembroke's stepfather was found dead in the grounds of Wilton Estate earlier this month.

Stuart Wyndham Murray Threipland was found near to his vehicle with a gunshot to the head, and there is not believed to be any suspicious circumstances or third-party involvement.

He died on the same day that property agents Savills announced Mr Threipland's estate and 13-bedroom castle at Dunbeath had gone on the market with offers over £25m being sought.

It is understood he was 76.
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Sput wrote: THE EARL of Pembroke's stepfather was found dead in the grounds of Wilton Estate earlier this month.
It wasn't me, guv. I was only passing through Wilton that day.
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Headline: Hull finally has a 'John Lewis' as Waitrose unveil the swankiest supermarket in East Yorkshire

Problems: It's in Willerby, HU10. Near Hull, but not actually in Hull. That Waitrose apparently had a John Lewis section even before the refurb. And it's not a standalone John Lewis store. So no, Hull doesn't have a John Lewis. It doesn't even have a Waitrose! The accurate headline would've been "Willerby Waitrose reopens after refurbishment" - but that wouldn't sound important enough to be on the front page of today's Hull Daily Mail, would it?
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I've not read the Edinburgh Evening News for years due to their awful website (and whingy reporting), but today I noticed this front page appearing on BBC Scotland's online paper review:


The news story in question relates to disturbances on Bonfire Night where police and fire crews were attacked in an area of Edinburgh. A serious story of course, but why use a very obvious stock photo of a riot/violence elsewhere as your front page?

A bit of searching reveals it's from Kyiv ("Street protests in Kiev, the revolution") and available here and another version is here. A simple cross-check reveals it's from 18th February 2014.

Seems a rather incredible thing to do to make your local paper stick out on the news stands.
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