so you gas is going up?

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So E-ON is hiking up price once again, although my parents just jumped ship again to try and get cheaper gas and electricity as there power bill for the last 6 month was £580 with Scottish gas the bunch of evil gits.

It worth noting that the price rises are not level throughout the UK, with some other paying far more than others, but I hope Hydro still stay cheap,

Is anyone thinking about Switching their gas and electricity. Who is the cheapest?

and who is if any on this broad will get into debt because of this
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Welcome back barcode!

Indeed, I am not a happy bunny regarding Npower's announcement today. Last month I changed to them from Atlantic Electric & Gas. The increase they have announced today wipes out any saving I was hoping to make - although I accept that the other companies appear to be following them.
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barcode wrote:and who is if any on this broad
Sorry, I'm not on this broad, I'm on two other ones. At the same time.
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There isn't any one cheapest supplier, it varies between areas. I use every few months to check I've still got the cheapest deal. ... lectricity is a good one to read.
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Slagathor. wrote:
barcode wrote:and who is if any on this broad
Sorry, I'm not on this broad, I'm on two other ones. At the same time.
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Maybe it you clooks
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This thread brings back memories
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I'm just thankful me gas is OK and it's an old thread.
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