Yet another Morrisons thread

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WillPS wrote: Wed 26 Apr, 2023 17.54 What an utterly shite scheme. Essentially 10% back in points on a few things (rounded down in awkward chunks) and 0.5% back on fuel. Boggles the mind that this is the best they could come up with.
Hopeless ain't it. It's so ironic that this page -, says that supposedly people didn't like points, so they've relaunched it and it's worse than the first time.

I just don't understand why don't offer 10% off if you spend over £5.00 etc it sounds so much more attractive imo than pissing about collecting points.

Noticed they've also removed the Basket Bonus which was ironically the only part of the last one that was half decent, quite often got £3 off your next shop etc.
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The crazy Morrisons concept store in Preston (that pretty much turned back into a normal store) is one of the ones closing. It’s going to be a Tesco.
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I remember nipping in when it just opened and had no idea it was a concept store - really didn’t like it. I appreciated what they were trying to do but if felt really quite gloomy and industrial - although that’s Preston in general - but I assume they were trying to give it a sort of cosy futuristic feel and it didn’t work.
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