People who laugh at their own jokes

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I have a problem.

Someone in my life has started laughing increasingly hard at their own jokes. I've always hated that anyway, but I am finding myself growing increasingly anxious in their presence because of it.

In fact, it's starting to wind me up something rotten, and I am not a particularly patient or tolerant man at the best of times.

Prime example - we were in a cab the other night and we passed by a number of runners. Said person started talking with the taxi driver and agreed that it is something they would never do - hence fit of laughter so loud, it would not have disgraced Monty Python's "funniest joke in the world" sketch.

Even for things that are not funny, I am getting wound up by the possibility that the comment could cause such faux hilarity.

How the hell do you get a person to stop doing this without assassinating their character in the process?

I've already tried a number of strategies -

1) Keep bringing up the concept that "less is more" in many things,

2) Come out straight and say it - seems to hurt their feelings,

3) Explain that, when it happens, it puts me under pressure to laugh. Follow this up by saying that it is customary to tell a joke and wait for the other person to laugh before you start, and

4) Accuse them of being unnecessarily anxious around me - when said person is drunk, it never happens and they behave like a normal person when the subject of jokes occur.

The laugh is so hearty and chesty too - it reminds me of a Brian Blessed (and he is an annoying twat) type of guffaw.

Please help me before it results in murder.
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Well you seem to have stumped the forum with this one mate.

I think that faced with this I would adopt a 'faintly amused' countenance but try and convey it was through politeness, not through amusement. And if they didn't get the message, I'm afraid it would have to be a, 'You shouldn't laugh at your own jokes you know.' accompanied by a kind smile.

Difficult one.
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why not start laughing with this person, in the same manner as they are laughing in an attempt to mock them. they will then notice how silly they sound and hopefully stop doing it.
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Whats wrong with laughing at your own jokes?
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I think its ok to laugh at your own jokes, as long as the other people around you laugh also...
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I'd rather I laughed at my own jokes than nobody at all.


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Right i've considered this and put myself in the persons shoes you're referring to Johnnyboy. If i was this person i would much rather you just came straight out with it. Please or offend i prefer to hear the truth, i hate it when you know someone has a problem but you don't know what the problem is.
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Do you mean like full on hysterical laugh or the little snigger after a punchline tha t isnt that funny anyway. like the "ha" or "ptch"...
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Thanks for your feedback, pollers.

I talked with said person and told them it was winding me up intensely. I apologised if it seemed like a personal attack but it wasn't meant that way. I also added that if I do anything to piss them off, I need to know without delay.

Let's hope it is resolved because my patience was truly being tested!
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