Another High Street Rebrand

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Hi, it's been a while. On the subject of Lloyds Bank, I noticed on a newspaper ad a different logo a few weeks ago. It's also appearing on some of their posters. Oddly there are no articles about this.

I really like it. It's not really noticeable at first. Subtle. The font is classic (slight serif) and the horse is now forward facing. Also, the green is brighter. Looks really smart.

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Nick Harvey
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Poor horse.

Looks like he's got aspanner in his head.
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Nick Harvey wrote: Thu 27 Jun, 2024 15.56 Poor horse.

Looks like he's got aspanner in his head.
Why do you think he's madly bucking like that? ;)
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Spotted the forward-facing horse on a billboard outside Blackhorse Road tube today, and kudos to the ad buyers for the placement.

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I was going to suggest that the billboard outside Blackhorse Road station seems to be perpetually advertising Lloyd’s Bank (as it always is when I walk past), but Streetview appears to have not captured the outside of the station with a Lloyd’s ad on it once in twelve years! The Apple Maps version of Streetview however does, so maybe I’m not going mad.
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