The Tesco & other non-Morrisons supermarket thread

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Interestingly on the continent they have dedicated areas to leave such granny trolleys, as well as some transparent lockers to place your shopping in. I was a bit confused by initially the first time I saw the array ofthese tied up by the entrance, but I guess it is a good anti-theft measure.
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M&S launched a "buy 6 sandwiches, get your 7th free" offer trial in Scotland yesterday, due to run for three months.


The coffee stamps card has now disappeared from my Sparks app (not that I used it).

According to the blurb, includes all sandwich, roll and wrap products available in M&S Food stores including Moto services exclusively in Scotland.

Excludes: Food to Order, M&S Café and coffee bars. M&S Outlet, WHSmith high street stores, and BP Connect stores. Stamps cannot be earned in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, online or on
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