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Having ventured into a Five Guys for only the second time - and managed to spend £20 on just one burger, fries and a drink - I will happily vouch that the bottomless drink was spent on Cherry Dr Pepper. My god, it's gorgeous. Always loved Dr Pepper, but the cherry version gets a huge thumbs up.
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I'm sure I remember Lemon Diet Coke being out a while back. Like most of the flavoured Diet Cokes, it worked really well then as it hid that very 'artificial' aftertaste plain Diet Coke has always had, but which Coke Zero somehow manages to avoid despite their ingredients being so similar. Now that they've brought the lemon flavour back only to the Main and Zero ranges instead this time I gave it another go and it has a very similar taste. Personally I find it pleasant enough, but I still can't shake off that feeling that it reminds me of those times where you've washed out a glass using lemon washing up liquid, but not completely rinsed all traces of it out afterwards. Whether that's a bad thing or not I'll leave up to you as it suggests either lemon washing up liquid, despite not being intended for human consumption, does actually taste of lemon flavouring. Or it means Coke Zero Lemon tastes nothing like lemons but instead only of washing chemicals.

If nothing else a reminder that taste is a very strange thing. Chicken flavour crisps usually taste nothing like real chicken for example, but we all somehow know what to expect the 'chicken flavour' taste to be.
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