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BBC TV Centre wrote: Sat 04 Nov, 2023 14.51 Gone are the days of people would just jump out their seat and line up round the block in all weathers for the latest iphone.
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I happened to be at The Trafford Centre on Sept 22nd and it was mad how many people were lining up to pay full price for a phone marginally better than the one which was already available at a far lower price, with the main feature being a charging port which renders their current accessories redundant.
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I can understand the short term cost of having your accessories being made redundant, but it does open up some opportunity for some Android and Apple accessories to be cross-platform. Obviously nothing proprietary, but certainly battery packs, wired earphones, and charging wires. Obviously, Apple will want to push their 'Apple Certified' third party products, but if people choose products that are cross platform, which are good quality but cheaper, then that's a win-win
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I did in the end manage to get hold of a natural titanium iPhone 15 pro from Apple in Norwich.

Did the trade in in-store and Apple gave me £150 for my old iPhone 11, which considering was 4 years old, had 80% battery health and a dodgy charging port, I didn't feel robbed.

The iPhone 11 was my first iPhone so I've never done a phone transfer before - but I was amazed at just how well it works - I backed up my iPhone 11 just before I left, factory wiped in store, and when I set up my new phone at home, it was like the same phone - everything came over and just worked, with the exception of my Apple Watch, which needed to be wiped, and re-paired (everything gets restored exactly as before).

So a good experience. Happy with the iPhone 15, glad I didn't got for the Pro Max, it's a perfect size, imo. Not cheap, but feels like a massive upgrade from the 11 - the screen, and although I've got a "proper" camera, the camera system is impressive. I'll try and get around to posting some comparison shots.
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