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Absolute have recently launched a new premium service, offering ad free streams of each of their stations through the app/online, the ability to skip tracks, and some exclusive spin-off stations:


I'm not sure how the advertisers feel about the promos for this they're running at the moment, pointing out that people don't listen to the radio for the ads!

I've been using the free trial and it's a good service, the extra songs are seamlessly slotted in where the ad breaks would be.

As always, online streaming is hampered for me in the car by black spots causing the stream to stop, and then not come back on without manual intervention (which of course you can't do while driving) or causing the app to crash. A shame if only because their DAB services are all in mono which is very noticeable in the car.
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I'm a big fan of the new premium service, but like VMPhil, I find it bizarre that they're scheduling a promo that mocks advertising. They also for some reason have the Premium trails for listeners who listen to the paywall streams.

I largely use it for Absolute 80s which is now a diet of 80s pop/rock, promos for the premium service and the desperation of the "Make Me a Winner" premium rate competition. I'd easily pay another £2 per month to stop hearing presenters going on about it.

On the whole though, the additional songs make up for ads and the travel news not being aired and the skip option ensures I never have to hear an overplayed Queen track or Fast Car by Tracy Chapman ever again.
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Good price, would have been interested but the Spotify user generated 'Mix' playlists have really improved recently.
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