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Alan de Robson
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Previously, I had asked members of this place for help on Wordpress-based web design.

Thanks again for that assistance but, in the end, I just couldn't get my head around how fiddly, temperamental and complex (to me) WordPress was. I used both Avada and Elementor as suggested and they were genuinely a help (thanks again) but, my God, it was a hassle.

I have spent the last three months learning Webflow. What an amazing platform. It's a no-code thing and what I've been able to achieve in that is way beyond what I could in Wordpress. It's also fast as a dart and there are 2 big websites with pre-built components you can drop into Webflow to make designing easier.

There is a big learning curve however or at least there was for me.

Does anyone else have experience with Webflow or any of the newer platforms arriving? Or is it always going to be Wordpress for you?
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Alan de Robson wrote: Sat 04 Jun, 2022 10.57 Does anyone else have experience with Webflow or any of the newer platforms arriving? Or is it always going to be Wordpress for you?
I've used Wordpress for TV Live and every single website I run for well over 10 years. It does exactly what I want it to do. I've flirted with other CMS but nothing has come close.
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Dr Lobster*
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I've looked after quite a few different websites for various organisations over the years, both professionally and personally.

I would say that there is definitely a place for things like Webflow, square space and wix, for me, the best solution, although it is at times a bit clucky and definitely lacks some basic functionality out of the box, is Wordpress.

The ecosystem of addons and knowledge means that there is very little you can't get it to do, from your basic site, to a full subscription community, with newsletter management and so on. it isn't the easiest thing to learn, and updates and patching can be a ballache, and all systems have their shitty bits - but for me, Wordpress is probably the best all rounder.

I have also developed some systems in C# with Blazor, that's not really a framework for building sites, but rather web apps, but there isn't much you can't do it with it, and you can of course pull data and integrate with your windows stack very easily (although it is cross platform).

if you can persevere with Wordpress, I think you'll find it can do everything you want it to.
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I predominantly build websites for small local companies, and Webflow is generally my first port of call. As you say, it's amazingly fast, and I can easily bang out a responsive website over the course of a single working day. If the task is a bit beyond Webflow's scope, I'll turn to Wordpress and usually Elementor.

I've built a web app with Django and Vue for a uni team project, but I doubt a village florist is going to need anything of that calibre.
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I used to be quite good at Wordpress but coming back after a five year hiatus it’s changed too much, editing block themes which i think updates some json files, I preferred it when it used to be header, footer and the loop, but I’ll persist and learn.
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