The Tesco & other non-Morrisons supermarket thread

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gottago wrote: Mon 25 Jul, 2022 17.44 A new one for me yesterday, a small M&S Food/WHSmith hybrid on Tottenham Court Road. Didn't go in but from the outside it looked like the sort of thing you'd get in a hospital or service station. It's pretty close to a larger M&S Food and isn't coming up on Google Maps so I assume it's only just opened.
I saw that the other day and it took a few moments for it to click why it was a bit odd. The M&S Food in our local hospital is operated by WHSmith Travel Retail, so I wonder if they're making inroads into the high street. Or perhaps it's in a UCLH building and it's part of that contract.
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WillPS wrote: Tue 26 Jul, 2022 00.04
In M&S [Simply] Food (travel) stores news, I noticed one of the St. Pancras ones now has a small selection of clothing and just has the M&S logo over the door rather than food. I don't know if this means it's not run by SSP as all other railway station locations are?
I would assume it's M&S itself as it was previously (before Covid) much bigger and had a larger non-food section where the Wetherspoon is now.
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WillPS wrote: Sun 24 Jul, 2022 20.02
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One thing I don't get is the fact that you can't remove items for yourself on a self scan checkout without staff approval, yet when you use the handhend scanners you can?

What is the reason for such disparity?
It depends on how it's set up. In the Morrisons up my end, you can remove any loaded bags into the trolley without staff approval.
But you can't remove the item from the transaction, e.g. if you accidentally catch an already-scanned barcode while removing a bag.

The only reason I can think that they might be alright with letting customers do it on SAYS but not on a self checkout is there's an element of trust-built-up with SAYS since the customer identifies themselves at the point of handset release. I've found that dicking about with the handset, scanning random things like SELs and barcodes on outers, adding things then removing them tends to make it more likely that you get selected for a service check.
Sounds a reasonable theory, however, with the increasing amount of cameras at the self checkout and the weight detection it sounds even more over the top to not let you remove anything when you are surveiled to that extent.

The scanning random barcodes certainly does trigger rescans or even a temporary ban (necessitating you to talk to the people at the CSD) - I remember catching the 2D barcode of some advert on the Sunday Times for some time by mistake for a number of weeks as it was near the till barcode.

I didn't think the software of the handheld scanners would have the ability to even pick it up.
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