The Barclays and other non-Lloyds/TSB Bank thread

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thegeek wrote: Tue 13 Oct, 2020 15.24 However, I did get something fancy from them: I selected the Fleet Street RBS branch (which is one of my nearest) and got a swanky looking Visa Debit card from Child & Co, the world's third oldest bank.
Just had a letter from RBS saying they're closing their Fleet Street branch - the end for Child & Co?

I really should find a reason to go and visit before June, because it looks rather swanky inside.
I had a bit of time to spare today and a paper Scottish £20 note burning a hole in my wallet, so paid them a visit today to pay it in. It really is very nice in there - lots of comfy sofas to wait on, lots of discreet consultation booths, a Child & Co ATM/paying-in machine (out of service) and a display case of antique guns(!)

They had some leaflets about the closure, which had some usage stats - it was actually doing a bit more footfall than an average RBS branch in 2019, but only had two "regular" counter customers. It did seem to imply that the brand would continue, though I'm not sure if that would just be for existing clients or how they'd get new business.

Shame to see it go, as there can't be many traditional banking halls left. I wonder what'll replace it? A few doors along there's the poshest looking Pret I've ever seen, which is in another former bank branch.
For what it's worth, I emailed the person listed on the letter informing closure with the following:
Sorry to learn the Child & Co branch is closing. Does this mean the Child & Co brand will disappear completely now? I know the products were standard RBS ones but it was nice having a special debit card while it lasted.
The response I received was:
The Child & Co brand will remain as normal . All of the cheque books debit cards will remain the same. It is just the Branch that is closing.
(Note that they additionally answered a question I didn't ask about chequebooks, so I imagine other people had asked questions on similar lines!)

The person's email signature indicated they were located in the RBS branch on the Old Market Square in Nottingham, which also closed a few weeks ago despite having a major refurb just before Covid.
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