Currys PC World Dixons Carphone Warehouse Team Knowhow to become "Currys"

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wells wrote: Tue 05 Oct, 2021 13.10 Looks like this rebrand has begun. The Currys PC World brand had been replaced. Carphone Warehouse displays ‘becoming Currys’ next to the logo. The Dixons Carphone logo hasn’t been swapped out on that website, but elsewhere on it just refers to ‘Currys’.

Edit: just noticed ‘Currys Mobile’, which I assume didn’t exist before and is just the replacement of the Carphone Brand which still seems to be online also.
Just checked the Wayback Machine, and even two days ago that address just redirected to Currys' homepage. And that redirect's only been in place since last year. So yeah, it's new.
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Manchester's White City branch has had the rebrand for at least a couple of weeks now. ... gIgARICGAI
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JetixFann450 wrote: Wed 19 May, 2021 17.07 Always thought Currys PC World was a mouthful, right next to the impending DiscoveryWarnerMedia (working title) and UKTVG2. I think the "PC World" brand death was expected, even back in 2010 when they merged.
I'm surprised the name survived this long to be completely honest. But to update/add my 2 cents: My local Curry's PC World now has the new new Purple sign above it, as does every Curry's PC World I've seen (in Liverpool, Wigan, Manchester, man I've been travelling a lot recently). Are there still any shops left that haven't been rebranded yet?

As for the name change, I saw it coming ages ago. I will never associate Curry's with selling Laptops, but having it be the sole brand name makes sense, since it was the oldest.
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