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https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/lates ... le-changes

New weekday and weekend lineups:
Monday to Friday
5am-7.30am Chris Hawkins (from 5am-7am)
7.30am-10.30am Lauren Laverne (moving from 10am-1pm)
10.30am-1pm Mary Anne Hobbs (from 7am-10am, Saturday and Sunday)
1pm-4pm Shaun Keaveny (moving from 7am-10am)

Saturday and Sunday
7-10am Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie (moving from weekdays, 1pm-4pm)

Without wanting to go too far into the world fantasy rotas, That's Not How I'd Have Done It. More Mary Anne Hobbs; More Chris Hawkins, less RadMac isn't that great in my opinion. (Happy that Laverne, Keaveny and the latter pair are sticking around though)
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Am I the only 6 Music listener around these parts?

I've been enjoying most of their temporary COVID schedule. Lauren Laverne got the tone just right, especially in the early weeks, clearly having remembered the first rule of radio school: it's a personal medium, pretend you're talking to just one person. She can get away with a matey "how you doing? You alright?" without it sounding cheesy.

Craig Charles has been great on the afternoon show too - he's clearly been having fun doing it, which makes it an enjoyable listen. I really hope that Steve Lamacq can bring some of that when he's finally let out of his house and back onto the radio next week...
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I've been enjoying Craig Charles in the afternoons too. It'd be great to hear more from him going forward.
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I guess it's maybe because it's the first school holiday for a while where it's actually been possible to go anywhere or do anything, but this week Chris Hawkins, Lauren Laverne, Mary Anne Hobbes and Shaun Keaveney are all off at once - so it's deps from 5am to 4pm. They're all pretty solid presenters to be able to call on though, and I'm glad that the station's not so tightly formatted that they aren't able to make their own mark on the music they play. It's good to have a bit of variety.
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Shaun Keaveny is leaving in September:

https://radiotoday.co.uk/2021/06/presen ... o-6-music/
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