AV solutions

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given my line of work, you'd think I'd know a little bit more about this, but since I don't, and I can't be bothered googling...

My telly only has one HDMI socket. My hifi (a 12-year old Sony mini system with a MiniDisc deck, no less), has just about given up the ghost I've not got a great deal of shelf space in my living room, so separates might not be practical.

I think what I probably need is a soundbar. With multiple HDMI inputs, to switch between Sky/BluRay/the Roku box I've not yet bought. And a line in would be nice for my DAB tuner and/or an iPod. And if I could stream from iTunes, that would be good too.

Does such a thing exist, or am I asking for the moon on a stick? Should I just buy a new TV instead?
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