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So, from tomorrow Newsbeat will be sounding a little different, as previewed by the uploading of the new package onto Radio 1's YouTube channel:

...and I'm not sure if I like it or not. I actually quite liked the 'Listen watch share' package they have at the moment and really liked the Music4 'digital fm online' stuff that preceded that. This one sounds a lot more generic and I think it may sound *too* upbeat for news stories which need a sombre tone. Saying that it may well grow on me, and as Nick Grimshaw is still on holiday I can listen to the breakfast show tomorrow and allow it to try and impress me then!

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Weather bed will probably be requisitioned for sombre news usage.
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I won't miss "lussun, watch, Cher"
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I did enjoy the first day that was introduced, when Chris Moyles added in #does he love me, I wanna know# after each "Cher" when the news was on.

Not keen on the new ones, but I think I've grown out of Radio 1 now anyway, I've gone from listening to it all the time to hardly ever in the space of about 6 months.
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Greg James debated it at 4:30 this afternoon, saying you can't sing 'that was the news' at the end anymore.

He then said regarding Newsbeat putting the music up on YouTube, he would have loved that as a kid and had to resort to recording it off the radio so he could play DJ at home and pretend to introduce Newsbeat with Rajini vaidyanathan.

A message for us all there. I bet he used to write down the presenter schedules as well!
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Blimey Radio 1 is going through a lot of changes! First Zane Lowe leaves, then Fearne Cotton is going at the end of May, to be replaced by Clara Amfo off of the Official Chart and 1Xtra, and now the Official Chart is moving to Friday afternoon! Originally it was said that Clara would continue to present the chart, even though she's moving to weekdays, but it's moving to Friday 4-5:45 so Greg James will be doing it instead. The length of the show has almost been halved, which is quite interesting to hear. On Sunday 4-7, Radio 1's boss has announced he's been talking to CBBC to bring 'the best of their content' to Radio 1. This sounds absolutely awful, and surely means that Radio 1 would be appealing below their remit of 15 to 20-somethings, as I can't imagine many 15 year olds watching CBBC?
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