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So I actually stopped listening to Radio 2 a while back, but giving it a try, I note during Kens usual 11:30 coming up on the JV slot we have the rather good Lewis Macleod playing the part of JV (much like Rob Brydon did Ken Bruce a few years ago). The real JV is on now, not sure if it'll be a full spoof show or just spoof elements.

Should be a good listen, its online, on the BBC Sounds app and on 88 to 91.. hang on.

The Ken Bruce Version for those who don't remember:
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Meanwhile on 6 Music, they're playing pop music until midnight.
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I was taken in by the start of OJ Borg's show just after midnight - a subtly done microphone fade fail.

From the 8 minute mark here:
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rob wrote: Thu 01 Apr, 2021 12.26 Meanwhile on 6 Music, they're playing pop music until midnight.
was that an April Fool's, or just a nearly-the-bank-holiday special? I thought they made a decent hash of it - are there any stations out there playing quite the variety of pop they did yesterday?
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