Are you still wearing a mask in shops?

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Laura-1 wrote: Wed 24 Nov, 2021 06.31 Masks do have more chance of stopping the spread than vaccines and for me, masks should never have been dropped because we knew the vaccines didn't stop the spread before the mask wearing was dropped
Do you have any science to back up your claims about vaccine efficacy, or is this just your reckon?
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There's so much nonsense in this post that it's tempting just to pretend it didn't happen, but there's one bit I thought would be easy to check...
Laura-1 wrote: Wed 24 Nov, 2021 06.31Ask them why the numbers are 20k less [than "when vaccines didn't exist"] and they say that the vaccine is cutting the spread

Which is not true

The reason the numbers are 20k less is because less people are getting tested - because they are vaccinated and not getting ill so they don't have a reason to test
Luckily we have the figures to check.

The peak of the 7-day rolling average before the first vaccine was approved on 2nd December 2020 was 331,995.7 tests a day. The current average 887,588.3 tests a day (as of the data available as of this post).

The current average is above that of the end of July and the entirety of August, as well as the start of June and the start of April, and of course any time at all before 5th March 2021.
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Previously we had no vaccine and lots of restrictions, and we were hitting a thousand deaths a day. Now we have the vaccine and what seems to me like minimal restrictions, and we’re keeping the deaths right down. But sure, it’s something to do with the numbers being tested…
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Masks mandatory again as of tomorrow.
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JAS84 wrote: Mon 29 Nov, 2021 10.56 Masks mandatory again as of tomorrow.
It'll be interesting to see if the stricter rules in England result in stricter compliance in Scotland. Despite the masks remaining mandatory up here the whole time there's been fewer people wearing them.

Perhaps if the whole "exemptions" thing had been specified (GP note required) rather than being done on trust it might have prevented the abuse of the sunflower lanyards by the self important.
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