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Whataday wrote: Fri 09 Oct, 2020 09.59 TSW 1995-1996 and the TV-am one. I thought I was the dogs bollocks for submitting video mocks. I don't think they're preserved in all their glory though.
Of course they're not, Matt Sansom formerly Sansomedia now Whataday.
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Anyways I really need the "lost" 2006 galleries. I haven't seen them at all.
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Speaking of 2006, I have a proposed idea for a revamped APFS.
The galleries from the 2000 Java gallery would be moved to the What's On section.
The APFS Presents gallery would have the galleries from 2001/02 and 2005/06, with the original 2002 galleries marked in red, the 2004 revamps in green, and the galleries that appeared in 2006 but not 2004 (as well as the 2006 revisions of the 2002/04 galleries) would be marked in blue. All of them would be in the same section.
The layout is similar to the one used in 2002 and the name tags would also be revamped.
Page layout uses gradient color scheme, making for a modern take on the new APFS.
Logos would be retained but the star symbol replaced with something else.

Also, there's a certain user on Deviantart who used to make mockups. Her real name is Theresa, but she prefers to call herself Kamafa. I've had a long history of bitter rivalry with her.
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I have no idea what is going on.
Thought this was a nice forum, clearly not.
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I am desperately searching for the galleries from 2005-06 APFS.
I search for McMillan's website but it's only the 2004 galleries.
Notable galleries include:
- Anthony Robinson's EG5 gallery, riddled with bad grammar.
- RTC and FlameTV by Rhys O'Sullivan.
- BBC T(V)1, TV Eire (the channel with a bad ending) and Isle of Wight TV by Ed Hammond.
- Darryl Antoniw's APFS Network gallery.

Though I don't really need the two galleries as they have been dug up anyway:
- BillyH's 2005 ATV gallery (on the Java What Ifs wiki)
- Nigel Stapley's ATC gallery (on his personal site)
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all new Phil wrote: I have no idea what is going on.
You and me both, mate.
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