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Every now and then, I'll read or hear something about this case which will send me on a wild internet goose chase, were i will spend hours trying to validate or find another angle on something.

Over the years, my feelings on this have almost gone full circle; at the start I felt Barry George was the right man, then, strongly felt it was a serious miscarriage of justice, to, where I am today, and that is I've slowly come around to the idea that Barry George really could have done it, and if it wasn't him, it was somebody like him.

Barry George in interviews plays the character of a rabbit in headlights simpleton, but his criminal history of attempted rapes and other sexual assaults just doesn't quite fit with the persona he presents.

I always felt the professional hit man, either Balkan / paedophile ring theories were red herrings - the murder had to be committed by a stalker / obsessive or nutcase - the converted weapon, refilled and crimped shell just point towards somebody who wasn't able to get hold of the real deal.

What are your thoughts, and did hear any interesting theories?
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I can’t see this thread lasting long.

But I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure what happened and I don’t think anyone is going to come up with a credible theory that hasn’t been heard before.
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I'm still working on the Ted Moult case.
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This is a bit random after 21 years! I can't seen Jill Dando being on any big hit lists. Most likely if not Barry George then stalker/nutcase/obsessive fan/combination thereof. We may never know.
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I think Madeleine McCann did it.
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