NHS Clapping

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But what about Tory NHS workers?

/annoyed at something intended to bring the country together instead being used to divide people through politics...
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james2001 wrote: Fri 01 May, 2020 23.09
dosxuk wrote: Fri 01 May, 2020 17.19
Each time I see a member of the government stood outside their house clapping away it makes me ridiculously angry.
Oh mate give it a rest.
Thought this was a nice forum, clearly not.
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Nick Harvey wrote: Fri 01 May, 2020 13.06 I sincerely hope people are not being named for not doing it, without proper investigation, first, into exactly why they aren't.

Some of us aren't allowed outside our front doors for twelve weeks, remember.
Am I to understand that you *haven't* yet assembled your mandatory Applause Turret, Nick?
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The whole thing is the absolute definition of crass.
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"Wild NHS applause".... 😄


It's the Daily Star (also reported on the BBC), but feels like a load of bollocks.
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The clapping may be ridiculous but the VE Day street parties are a whole other level of stupidity!

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BBC News also successfully orchestrated a mass gathering of around 50 people to recreate a street party photo from 1945.

Being careful to maintain their magic 2m social distance, of course... except when they had to brush past each other to get into position.

Totally unnecessary and a confusing message to send out. I despair.
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