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Dr Lobster*
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there is a bit of thing with this going on every thursday, is it just me being a bit grumpy or is this whole thing seem just a bit weird to you?
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No, you're not the only one. I didn't participate but I sort of understood it as a one-off thing. I really do not understand it as a weekly event though, which surely just dilutes the meaning of it, and it has inevitably led to people thinking just because you're not standing on your doorstep clapping to the sky that you hate the NHS and all key workers.
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Been a fair few stories of community facebook pages and the likes naming and shaming people who don't do it, it's become like wearing the poppy.
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I understood it as a one-off but it's swiftly become a meme of itself and, along with the whole Captain Tom thing, I find it a bit grotesque. I don't think there's anything to celebrate in a 100-year-old man feeling like he has to raise money for an underfunded health system, and I don't think competitive virtue signalling does anyone any good either. (On the other hand I don't suppose it does anyone any harm either and if it makes people feel a bit happier for a minute, I'm glad for them.)

But someone was letting off fireworks near me tonight. It's a worldwide disaster, not fucking new year's eve, Gary.
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We’ve had fireworks every week here.

I don’t mind it too much where I am as there are a few hospitals nearby and therefore quite a few healthcare workers to hear it. Think it should just have been a one-off though, and I’m really not keen on the BBC having a special programme for it. It feels a bit sinister having state-sanctioned applause for public services.

I know a few people who work in the NHS and they’re being inundated with free food. There’s almost a weariness from them at how many companies are trying to prove how nice they are by sending them stuff.

Kind of related but you see a lot of companies offering NHS discount at the moment, which then leads to non-NHS carers asking for discount too, which then leads to other key workers asking for discount as well. It’s going to end up being easier just charging traffic wardens a premium instead.
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Every night, you could get away with not even noticing the passage of the 8pm claps unless you had a window open.

Until last night, when someone with a drum kit decided to play their drums badly for the NHS.
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oh god it's so annoying. as said the first time it was quite sweet but now it's mandatory and the BBC have their own special countdown it's just weird. I really dislike the show the BBC are doing, it encourages attention seekers who just want to be on telly. And as for all the fuckers standing on Westminster Bridge...
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I sincerely hope people are not being named for not doing it, without proper investigation, first, into exactly why they aren't.

Some of us aren't allowed outside our front doors for twelve weeks, remember.
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I think this meme doing the rounds sums up my opinion of the clapping and charity fundraisers for people who should be getting paid and resourced properly to do their jobs.


Each time I see a member of the government stood outside their house clapping away it makes me ridiculously angry.
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Given that I'm having trouble otherwise marking the passage of time at the moment, it's nice to have one day different from the rest. But even though I'm round the corner from a hospital I'd imagine many of the front-line staff are busy doing their thing and not outside listening for faint distant appraise applause.
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dosxuk wrote: Fri 01 May, 2020 17.19
Each time I see a member of the government stood outside their house clapping away it makes me ridiculously angry.
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