Coronavirus - Strange times

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gottago wrote: Sat 03 Apr, 2021 11.23
Was this the Walthamstow queue that I saw on Twitter? My friend was about to join but they closed off the queue after absolutely massive demand.
It was, yes. When I got there the queue was officially 'closed' pending a review of how many doses they had left, but as the review was only 15 minutes away, I thought I might as well join the queue for the queue, and not long afterwards they started handing out tickets to us too. I think they completely closed at 5.30, and finally cleared off by 9pm.
Martin Phillp
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I finally had my vaccination today as an unpaid carer, but it was a hassle trying to get it done.

First of all, I met the NHS criteria for getting the jab, so booked my jabs on the website, easy enough. Then when I got to the vaccination centre, which was run by a pharmacy, they refused on the basis I didn't have a letter from the GP.

I then called 119 to explain what happened and they couldn't do anything and couldn't rebook as the system doesn't refresh for 48 hours!

In the end, I went through the GP and they were able to refer me to their shared vaccination centre at the local health centre with other nearby surgeries which was ran professionally as they know my status.
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I had to have some work done in the house so following the government advice regarding fresh air etc, I opened the two large windows in the front room. Coincidentally the next-door neighbour was working on his car at the same time which combined with the open windows led to a lovely smell of diesel wafting in and now my house smells like a bus garage.

I registered on this forum entirely to tell this story.
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TRWBUK wrote: Sat 17 Apr, 2021 17.44
I registered on this forum entirely to tell this story.
That seems entirely reasonable. Hello, good evening and welcome.
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