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The last thing she would want to do is give the country she apparently ‘loves so much’ a Jeremy Corbyn government after all she clearly cares about her legacy. She’s pledged to stay on as an MP and she is true blue.

She also probably doesn’t want anyone to get a Conservative majority in the near future making it much easier to secure a Brexit that looks much different to hers.
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all new Phil wrote: Sat 25 May, 2019 17.28 Something that’s being missed in all this about May resigning...

She will have to go to the Queen to resign and suggest her successor (ie the new Tory leader). That person then has to command a majority in the House of Commons, otherwise they can’t form a government.

So say Boris becomes leader, the Queen invites him to form the government, and then either the DUP refuse to back him or a couple of rebellious / mischievous Tories vote against him. I’m not convinced the next Tory leader will automatically become PM.
I’m more convinced than ever that this will happen and we’ll end up with Hunt as PM even if he doesn’t win the leadership race.
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