StreetView and You

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Nick Harvey
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What a dear little car!
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My car once appeared both at home and at work before they updated the maps.
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My neighbour’s blurred face can be seen staring at the car as it drives all the way down the road on Bing Maps’ equivalent of street view.
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Short wheel based Fiesta then?
Martin Phillp
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MarkAshley wrote: Thu 05 Oct, 2017 18.11

On an entirely unrelated note I was getting very annoyed at picking up such a poor FM radio signal from Starbucks in Little Portland Street - Broadcasting House is within spitting distance and I can't even hear Radio 4 properly.
DAB is fine round there thanks to the nearby filler transmitter at BT Tower.

You may have received a better signal on FM on 93.2 which is from Crystal Palace. 93.5, the main FM frequency for London and the South East suffers in central and south London.
TVF's London Lite.
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Or use Wifi.
Steve in Pudsey
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Streetview now accepts user generated 360 degree panoramas, which it stitches together if they are close enough. You're supposed to do the blurring yourself before uploading (via their awful, awful app) but a lot of people don't seem to bother, so I guess there is now more scope to be on there.
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On a slightly related note, I didn't realise how much of Google Maps was in 3D until recently, and quite how impressive it is! It messes up sometimes but generally it's pretty spooky how well it maps everything from cars to the individual parts of a building. It also means that if you zoom in from fairly close-up whilst in 3D satellite mode it does this really rather nice transition to the streetview image, which is weird if the Streetview and satellite image are from two different times (before/after roadworks for example), but when it's done right it is like you're piloting a drone!
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