The Very Official McDonalds (and other fast food outlets) Thread

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Jonwo wrote: Mon 30 Aug, 2021 20.24
Joe wrote: Mon 30 Aug, 2021 20.18 I must admit that I worry about those for whom cash is essential. And I don’t mean luddites, but those who sleep rough, those who aren’t able to use debit cards due to a history of bad spending, those who maybe rely on a cash system to budget effectively. There are many fringe cases and it often those with not much of a voice most affected.
Surely those people will have to adapt to survive? I know in China, you can give to the homeless via WeChat Pay or AliPay.
I remember seeing a homeless person in London who had a contactless reader while begging. Most of them have mobile phones these days with PAYG sims which they charge up in libraries etc, so it isn't going against the grain for one or two technically minded people to use contactless readers.
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Martin Phillp wrote: Mon 30 Aug, 2021 21.28
thegeek wrote: Mon 30 Aug, 2021 07.21
Martin Phillp wrote: Sun 29 Aug, 2021 22.29 Wendy's 2nd restaurant has opened in East London at the Broadway Shopping centre in Stratford. ... 1630078908

The next three restaurants to open will be in Oxford, Croydon and Romford.
Apparently the queue yesterday afternoon stretched all the way over the town centre link bridge to Westfield.
This is why I'll be waiting a while until I can finally have a Wendy's burger for the first time in over 20 years when the novelty runs out.
I went to the Reading one the day it opened and waited 3 hours (not moaning, I knew what I was in for).

I went back a month-and-a-half later and waited 10 minutes to be let in.

I wasn't disappointed on either occasion either.
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