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Dr Lobster*
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a month or so ago i got a galaxy gear fit2 free as part of a promotion.

up until that point i had held the view that these fitness devices were more of a novelty item - it was never something which was on my "to get" list.

but, i have to concede, i am pleasantly surprised. i like how it gives me a nudge if i've been sitting around too long and it's quite interesting to see how much walking around i do as i don't always carry my phone around with me in my pocket - especially at work so the step counter on the phone itself was never that much of a guide.

but what surprises me the most is just how lazy most people must be.


as you can see in my samsung health stats, i'm in the top 3% of active users ( i don't seem to drop outside the top 8% since i had it) - incredible when you consider i don't go to the gym or do any kind of structured workout or training. i go for a bike ride when i can and i go for walks when i can - but that's all i do.

but as a side effect of having it, and samsung health giving me my weekly stats, i think it has made me more active - sometimes if i'm on my computer at home and it flags that i've been sitting for too long, i'll get my bike out and do a loop around the road.

it's also interesting to find out how much sleep i get and how it's on estimation of how good my nights sleep marries up with how i feel - pretty close most of the time - it has made me more conscious of having a consistent bed time which is something i'm not good with as i tend to work well into the night if i get carried away with something.

do you have a fitness tracker and do you think it's made you more active, or otherwise healthier?

if you haven't got one, i'd certainly recommend getting one - i certainly feel better for it.
Martin Phillp
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I borrowed a FitBit tracker when I found out that I suffer from prediabetes which motivated me to lose weight and do more exercise in general, which helped me to lose 2 stone and bring my blood sugar down.

When I had to return it, I bought a cheaper tracker which does the job just as well, but due to other issues in my private life haven't been as able to keep up with the regular routine. However, still on a diet which has kept the weight down.
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