Decision '17

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Difficult to imagine where May's replacement is going to come from, however soon or far off that will be. Amber Rudd is most likely but it feels like anyone would be more of the same right now. No obvious stars coming through.

Unless they find someone, they'll limp towards defeat much like Major did. Regardless of your political leanings that's not good for the country.
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I haven't yet heard any media commentators mention the role the grim reaper might play in the Tories' precarious grip on power.

John Major had a 100% rate of losing by-elections in Tory seats - a total of eight - and needless to say made zero gains from the by-elections held in non-Tory seats during his term as PM.

Applying the Major by-election model to the current state of the parties would leave the Tories well and truly sunk, would it not? (Bearing in mind a lost Tory seat also means a gained Lab / LibDem seat).
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I don't think we'll need to sit around and wait for someone to die.
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Just when the Tories couldn't get any more incompetent, someone thinks up The Vellum Excuse.
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