Trinity Mirror & Express Newspapers merger talks

Martin Phillp
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Sat 10 Feb, 2018 15.53

Some fact, some speculation.

As Trinity Mirror don't have enough space for the Express and Star to move in, they've signed a lease deal with N&S to stay at Lower Thames Street for 10 years, with a break out clause to leave in five.

Speculation is that the Mirror and Express will keep their own political teams as the titles will continue to keep their editorial agendas as now.

The magazines are also part of the sale with New and Star under review, OK! is safe.

Personally I think the Daily Star Sunday and The People will merge with job losses from both titles.
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Wed 21 Feb, 2018 23.04

Wouldn’t you risk losing customers who buy The People?

You could basically have exactly the same content inside as in the Sunday Mirror, if The People closed some would not move to the Mirror as they don’t like it, based on the fact they bought one 10 years ago, and could move to a title from a rival or not buy a paper at all.
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Mon 30 Jul, 2018 17.21

All of their national papers have lost money - the company is down £113m.
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Mon 30 Jul, 2018 19.59

Martin Phillp
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Tue 22 Jan, 2019 13.19

More changes to the former Express Newspapers titles.

Daily Star/Daily Star Sunday move into Canary Wharf in February. Daily/Sunday Express also move across in March.

The Mirror's sports team have moved into the N&S building.
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