The Labour Party: Where Next?

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The Lib Dems should be all over this shambles, positioning themselves in the centre and picking up the disenfranchised Labour voters who don't want the party to move to the left. Nowhere to be seen though.

A Lib Dem party that is both socially and economically liberal could potentially appeal to a huge number of voters, but instead they seem desperate to fish in the same pool for voters as Labour, and so will remain as a fringe party until someone with vision takes over.
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Spot on - after the EU vote I'm pretty certain I would be a Lib Dem member if as you say they were more fired up about things than they are currently.
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Phil... you're absolutely right. Conservatives are still alienating a lot of people, especially C2DEs. Labour are in disarray. UKIP have got what they came for. The Lib Dems have the perfect opportunity to regroup and make a comeback.
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