The Barclays and other non-Lloyds/TSB Bank thread

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scottishtv wrote:
Sat 11 Jan, 2020 15.55
I had an Egg MasterCard World card, which I used for work expenses back in the day. It was brilliant, generous introductory and ongoing cashback, good travel insurance, missed event ticket cover, extended warranties for electricals and white goods and no fee.

The Egg product became Barclaycard MasterCard World when the accounts were sold by Citigroup, then dropped for a two card Barclaycard thing where you got a MasterCard (0.5% cashback) and an AMEX (1% cashback) on the same account. It was confusing. Now it's a straightforward 0.5% cashback VISA card.

MasterCard World was fun while it lasted:

The sad thing is that 0.5% cashback card is more or less the best still out there for straightforward UK spend non-Amex cashback. I expect it'll be curtailed before too long - probably to the same 0.25% rate they offer new customers.

Even the Amex products are weakening.
Philip wrote:
Sat 11 Jan, 2020 23.33
Serious nostalgic flashback with that font and the cartoon people they used to use on marketing material.
Aye, they had something similar for too IIRC?
thegeek wrote:
Sat 11 Jan, 2020 20.31
WillPS wrote:
Sat 11 Jan, 2020 10.20
That's a different product actually
I could have been clearer that I knew the difference between their premium offering and their Premium offering, but then you wouldn't have given such an excellent potted history of their products!
Glad to be of service, apologies for being picky.
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