Poundland to buy out 99p stores

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This is bolt out of the blue, mind it does make sence, since 99p is bigger in the south and poundland is bigger in the north.

Im not imprested, since 99p Store sell stock from EU more than poundland or even Poundworld. Its always the case the bigger it gets the more unlikley Foreign stock is sold.
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Pretty much every city in The Midlands will have some serious duplication - 5 Poundlands for Nottingham city centre can't be sustainable, surely!?
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Nick Harvey
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barcode wrote:This is bolt out of the blue.
It might have been three days ago when it was news, not history.
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I dread to think how this will affect Norwich-based YouTube video creators.
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Did they offer a pound for the 99p stores? Should do with the type of shite they both sell. :lol:
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Poundland's bigger in the north?

*cough* http://www.poundland.co.uk/store-finder/ *cough*

Try again.
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Yes, here in the East we've had a Poundland for years, but it's only been a year or so since we got a 99p Stores. If the sale goes through it'll be interesting to see which branch they keep, as Poundland and 99p Stores are effectively opposite each other, and we don't really need a third Poundland in town centre! 99p Stores is in a former QD, whilst Poundland is in the old Woolworths, and they're both decently sized stores.
Martin Phillp
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Brighton has two Poundland stores within half a mile of each other, with a 99p Stores in between. I can't realistically see Poundland keeping all three stores going,

Peckham has Poundland and Poundworld a few doors away from each other, with 99p Stores in a former Woolworths near the train station which was split into two different shops, the other being Sports Direct, In this case, they may keep both stores.
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Philip wrote:I dread to think how this will affect Norwich-based YouTube video creators.
Martin Phillp
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In London, most towns have at least a Poundland and a 99p Stores. While there isn't talk yet of store closures, it has to be inevitable that Poundland will close one or the other with staff being transferred or let go.

Incidentally 99p Stores were planning to close their loss performing store in Deptford, which was featured on the show Pound Shop Wars. Deptford also has a Poundland.
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all new Phil
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Is this all just a ploy to increase the value of 99p Stores' stock by a penny per unit? Because that's probably a hell of a lot of money in total.
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