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Re: Windows 9 is now Windows 10

Posted: Wed 10 Oct, 2018 18.46
by WillPS
Pete wrote:
Wed 10 Oct, 2018 07.09
I updated my Aunt's machine on day one without issue, haven't updated my own yet... because I've not turned it on this week.

I think MS have their timeframes wrong, 6 months is too frequent. The Apple model of once a year seems more sensible. Plus the features in the latest version of 10... couldn't even tell you.
The taskbar is transparent now. This really is the stuff we all dreamed of in the XP era.

Re: Windows 9 is now Windows 10

Posted: Fri 04 Jan, 2019 16.37
by cwathen
Having spent 3 and a half years making almost no headway with Edge, Microsoft are killing it off (sort of).

Windows will continue to ship with a browser called Edge, but it will be a Chromium-based browser (which according to some sources will even support Google Chrome extensions).

it will not be a UWP app but will be a traditional Win32 program. Possibly a further admission of defeat as UWP has failed to make much headway either as Windows has failed to be much else than a traditional desktop operating system.

The new Edge will also not just be restricted to Windows 10. Windows 7 and 8/8.1 (where the now 5 year old IE11 continues to be the official MIcrosoft web browser) will also get Edge backported too.

Personally I think it's a little too late and the mistakes which led them to their browsers losing so much desktop market share have already been made and it isn't really possible to reverse them.

Re: Windows 9 is now Windows 10

Posted: Fri 04 Jan, 2019 16.44
by Philip
Still a diehard Firefox user here after all these years. Even when I switched from Windows to Mac I couldn't get used to Safari.

It's a shame Edge is going because it had a nice UI, fitting into the Windows 10 style, and some useful features not available on other browsers.

Re: Windows 9 is now Windows 10

Posted: Fri 04 Jan, 2019 21.26
by Martin Phillp
It really does seem too little, too late for MS and their browsers. Chrome can be slow and clunky, but it's everything I want in a browser which is easy to go between all of the Google services I use and easy to swap between the desktop and mobile versions.

However, I use Firefox as a back-up and also have Firefox Focus on my phone and tablet.