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woah wrote:So what did we think of the Cameron/Miliband interviews last night? I think Miliband came across surprisingly well - he seemed quite comfortable and passionate about what he was saying, both with Paxo and with the audience. Cameron did well also, but seemed to lack the passion that Ed Miliband was showing, to me at least.
I thought that Miliband's impression of Phil Mitchell when his toughness was doubted was laughably bad; his overall performance was much better than usual. Cameron, however, still seemed the most statesmanlike, though the description of his performance as "soporific" by someone last night wasn't far off.

The real winner last night was Jeremy Paxman.
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I didn't see the whole thing, but I did think Miliband came across very well at the start of the audience Q&A - it did tail off a little towards the end, and during the Paxman interview. He's clearly had some coaching to look more human, and I think it's worked.
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The performance of UKIP's Nigel Farage in last nights ITV Leaders Debate was in my opinion very good.
The performance of the other leaders was car crash tv.
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I presume you went for a bathroom break when Nigel Farage started talking about HIV health tourism, which led Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood to say he should be ashamed of himself, resulting in the first applause of the evening?
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Philip wrote:I presume you went for a bathroom break when Nigel Farage started talking about HIV health tourism, which led Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood to say he should be ashamed of himself, resulting in the first applause of the evening?
Seconded, the only leader that really came off well throughout was Nicola Sturgeon - the only leader to give a solid performance throughout the night and anyone who says otherwise either didn't see the debate or weren't paying attention. Though before hand I did expect her to give the most solid performance, in the debate she realised that she would have to try and win over voters across the UK as it is probable that the SNP may have influence in the next government and I think she did that rather well.

Leanne Wood also came over fairly well, though very Wales centric that is to be expected as unlike Sturgeon she doesn't have to worry about getting the English voters to relax to her. I imagine in the next Welsh poll Plaid will have an increase. Cameron didn't really talk and only mentioned 'the Long Term economic plan' once to my count - he didn't do badly but he also didn't do exceptionally well. Ed Miliband had very good basis for his debating stance but his staring down the lens constantly was just weird. Nick Clegg spent the whole time just trying to distance himself from policies he signed off on and like last time did a roll call of audience members at every opportunity. Bennett wasn't particularly fluent or spontaneous and repeated the phrase 'I agree with Nicola' over and over again and Nigel Farage came across quite frankly as an arse. He may have strengthened his support among the UKIP base but everyone else was just appalled at some of his comments particularly on HIV which Wood and Sturgeon responded to very well.

I was a little disappointed as my two favourite leader characteristics didn't come across throughout the whole debate - Nigel Farage's ability to make up stats on the spot like at the Euro Debate last year and David Cameron's ability to tell long winded stories which make no sense or are far to detailed - ie his story about having a pasty or about the 40 year old Black man from Plymouth who had served in the Navy for 30 years.

For me Sturgeon was the winner, and quite frankly I wish I lived in Scotland as I'd have a less of a dilemma over who to vote for. Based on their performances alone.
Sturgeon - 9.5/10
Cameron/Miliband/Wood - 6/10
Clegg - 5/10
Bennett - 3/10
Farage - 2.5/10
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From what I saw, only Nicola Sturgeon and for the most part ( we know why ) Nigel Farage come off pretty well from the debates. Bennett was meh in my books, but I did like how most of the leader did hit home how David mist is targets to clear the debt, and how he double the national debt.

Ed, as said in the news, used " there you go again" phrase but he just seems like a posh arse like David, and does not really have any conviction like Gordon, I know where he stood, and at least HE never double the national debt, Heck half the money he spent was on Nationalising some banks which we will get back at some point with interest. I have to agree Wood was fairly Wales centric in her actions.

I would like to ask a simple Q: I thought about this, so think of it overall not for the evilness in it.

Nigel, talked about HIV health tourism, David also talked about stuff and how he would not allow people to come in to UK to claim benafits or NHS etc. Does that mean David supports Nigel. Ie muddle waters ahead, people need clarification on this topic. On topic this, BBC, ITV and sky have all done documentaries Health tourists, the media can't have it both way.
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I do despair at these 'normal situation' press shot things that Ed/David like to do. For example today, Ed Miliband (conveniently filmed by cameras) getting the Metrolink tram from MediaCity to look like a normal person - thankfully then shown by the BBC to be getting on his very not-normal Labour branded coach. Then we have David Cameron in his casual jumper going for a walk with wife, babies and friends (again conveniently filmed by cameras) and then they happen to stumble upon some new houses being built - cue discussion about Conservative housing schemes.

Do they honestly think this rubbish is convincing in the slightest? Almost as embarrassing as the Cassetteboy rip off done by the Lib Dems to attract 'the young people'...
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I've got an out-there prediction to make.

Tory and SNP coalition (or looser agreement)

I think the Tories will make them an offer they can't refuse on devolution of powers (esp on spending) in return for English votes for English people (so therefore SNP not being able to vote down a Tory budget). I also think there's a grudging respect between Cameron and Sturgeon.

It'd mean Scotland gets the autonomy it's after on austerity or otherwise.
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SNP ruled out working with Tories. They are not compatible. Look what happened to LieDowns in last 5 years. Will Sturgeon risk THAT? Cameron won't give up ANYTHING on the union, nor Trident.

Or have you been reading tonight's Telegraph?
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Nicola Sturgeon made a few references to SNP agreeing with Labour's policy on Thursday night. I thought that it was quite obvious that if Labour win the most seats in a hung parliament, the SNP will be trying very to hard to be their coalition partner.
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